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Professional Development

Our mission is to equip leaders to be extraordinary through brain-based, innovative learning and coaching solutions.


“Everyone knows what a poorly equipped leader can cost an organization.”

An underperforming leader can result in increased turnover, missed opportunities, disengaged employees, low morale, poor productivity and quality, and personnel problems. And that’s the short list.


In 2015, a study by Gallup showed more than 50% of employees had left a job to “get away from their manager.” (Gallup)


According to Harvard Business Review, two out of every five transitioning leaders underperform. They pay too much attention to detail, intimidate others, react negatively to criticism, jump to conclusions, and micromanage. (HBR) Their struggles cost results.


A poor leader may be one of the greatest costs an organization will pay. People disengage. Talent leaves. Turnover kills. When organizations consider the costs of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, lost opportunity, and productivity, replacing an employee can cost anywhere from 50% to 400% of that person’s salary, depending on expertise and specialization. (LinkedIn)

All of our workshops incorporate the 7 principles: CRANIUM

We have a variety of workshop topics and an immersive leadership program. All are customized based on the specific needs and challenges of the organization.

Workshop Topics

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Influencing and Persuading
  • Building Trust
  • Intelligent Productivity
  • Communicating with Clarity
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • Coaching

Leadership Program

LEAD, our signature leadership program, incorporates the four most powerful development tools: content, coaching, collaboration, and connection.

LEAD Benefits

Participants will

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Be a more purposeful leader
  • Strengthen team communication and collaboration
  • Create an atmosphere where all employees feel welcomed and valued
  • Have a happier, healthier work environment
  • Develop and retain talent
  • Identify practical ways to deliver superior customer service internally and externally
  • Learn how to address difficult conversations with high courage and high consideration
  • Acquire strategies for effectively building a high-trust, low-threat, and customer-centered culture
  • Improve results and reduce time spent on petty problems

LEAD Description

Any organization is only as strong as its leadership. The quality of leadership within an organization directly impacts its people and financial results. Therefore, if an organization is to remain competitive in a market of constant change and fierce competition, it must relentlessly pursue excellence in developing its leaders.

Our approach integrates

  • A shared experience with colleagues
  • Successive engagements over time that build on content
  • A blend of learning elements
  • Field application that is relevant and easily integrated into current responsibilities
  • Content that is customized, evidence-based, and practical

LEAD Components

LEAD includes six stages of content delivered over an extended time. Each stage includes:





LEAD Stages


Stage One: Create the culture

  • Learn 3 big deals about the brain every leader must know
  • Identify the characteristics of high-performing cultures
  • Recognize the debilitating impact of the top ten threats and how to minimize them
  • Learn practical strategies for building a high-trust culture


Stage Two: Set the stage

  • Learn the purpose of “why” and how relevance promotes strategy and engagement
  • Lead with vision and values
  • Promote growth and sustainability through a strengths-based leadership approach
  • Learn practical strategies for motivating and managing millennials


Stage Three: Go the distance

  • Discover common ways we sabotage our own performance
  • Identify practical ways to manage stress and reduce distractions
  • Learn the habits of high performers
  • Receive proven methods of increasing productivity


Stage Four: Get the team involved

  • Learn the secrets of change management
  • Discover the power of creating a coaching culture
  • Practice the essential competencies of effective coaching and mentoring
  • Learn to have tough conversations with high courage and high consideration


Stage Five: Engage the heart

  • Recognize the impact of self-awareness and influencing others on results
  • Realize how others perceive you as a leader
  • Receive practical suggestions for increasing emotional intelligence and building emotionally intelligent teams


Stage Six: Promote inclusion

  • Learn how to create a culture where all are welcomed and valued
  • Discover the impact of unconscious bias
  • Embrace differences as assets and inclusion as a strategic advantage

LEAD Coaching

Coaching is about supporting others in transforming long-held behaviors, reaching specific goals, overcoming challenges, and improving individual and collective work performance.

86% of companies that use or have combined coaching with their training report at least a 100% return on their initial investment.

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I had the distinct pleasure of engaging Sherry Yellin to help me develop a plan for a class I would be teaching. I wanted the class to be both informative and interactive, appealing to the "adult" brain. The result was a class that has some of the highest evaluation scores in the entire program.

Bill BehrendtThe University of Texas at Dallas

Working with Sherry is collaborative and energizing. Sherry really helps you bring your content to life in a stronger, more effective way. She helps draw-out what is truly possible.

Kelley JohnsonKelley Johnson Enterprises

After attending Sherry’s workshop at the North Texas ICF luncheon, I knew she was the perfect person to help me create industry leading courses for my product. This won’t be my last time working with Sherry, I can’t imagine creating a course without her expertise and guidance.

Jennifer Thornton304 Coaching

Dr. Yellin has created effective courses that have been sound and engaging.

Joel AllisonFormer CEO, Baylor Scott & White

Dr. Yellin is masterful in her delivery on brain-based learning and leading. She is uniquely gifted to equip people for leadership!

Veronica CochranCEO International Association of Administrative Professionals

Sherry is blessed with an innate talent to identify areas that need improvement and provide just the right tools, insight and encouragement that I needed to gain a new perspective that helped me overcome leadership hurdles and prepare me for a better future.

Kristi AdamsDell Healthcare Services Marketing Director