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Cohort 1
3rd Tuesday
12 pm - 4 pm CST
Cohort 2
3rd Thursday
12 pm - 4 pm CST
All Staff Webinars
1st Wednesday
1 pm - 1:30 pmCST

Webinar Topics

Links to Watch Recordings
May 16May 18May 3Essentials for Building Radical
Trust and Cooperation
Essentials: Zoom Recording
Passcode: T?w!8Wf=
June 22June 22June 7Influence and Persuading
With or Without the Title
July 18July 20July 12Professional Presence
August 15August 17August 2Writing Effective Emails
September 19September 21September 6Tough Talks
October 17October 19October 4Emotional Intelligence
November 14November 16November 1The Gift of Gratitude

BOOK Your Coaching Sessions with Lance or Sherry

Lance Blakley214-403-3060lance@sherryyellin.comLance 30-minute Coaching SessionLance Zoom Link
Sherry Yellin214-505-5623sherry@sherryyellin.comSherry 30-minute Coaching SessionSherry Zoom Link

REVIEW Your Session Recaps

MarchDiSC CommunicationDiSC Discussion Slides
AprilCulture and Recognizing ThreatCulture and Recognizing Threat Slides

ENJOY Access to CRANIUM Campus

Challenge – minimize threat and increase trust

Relevance – build on strengths and existing knowledge

Action – know the brain’s limitations

Novelty –veer from convention

Interaction – empower through choice and voice

Using Emotion – leverage the power of the emotional brain

Multiple Intelligences – embrace differences and sameness

Before you can access the CRANIUM Campus links below, you will need to have a unique login and password. Once we have entered your names and email addresses into our training system, an automated notification will be sent with your personal login details.

Welcome to the Cranium CampusWelcome Message
Emotional IntelligenceIntroduction and 3 Lessons
Influencing and Persuading: With or Without the TitleIntroduction and 3 Lessons
Intelligent Productivity: Work Smarter, Not HarderIntroduction and 4 Lessons
Professional Presence: Your Personal Brand2 Lessons
Collaborative CommunicationIntroduction and 3 Lessons
Writing Effective EmailsIntroduction and 2 Lessons
Mastering the Art of DelegationIntroduction and 2 Lessons

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