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Find out how the brain can put
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Harness your leadership power with the CRANIUM method

Challenge: Decreasing threat and increasing trust

The greatest one thing we can do to create extraordinary results is minimize threat.  Threat is debilitating to the brain.  It steals, kills, and destroys.  The antidote to threat?  Trust. The principle of Challenge is intentionally identifying and lowering threat in the environment and purposefully creating high trust.


Harness your leadership power with the CRANIUM method

Relevance: Leading with vision and strengths

High-performing organizations set a clear, compelling vision and build on strengths to achieve the vision. The brain is motivated by purpose. The brain is efficient when we use our strengths to bring that purpose to life.  The principle of Relevance is being fiercely vision-centered and strengths-focused.


Harness your leadership power with the CRANIUM method

Action: Honoring the brain’s limitations

The brain is the most complex and awe-inspiring equipment on the planet.  Yet, it also has severe limitations.  High performers know this.  When we work with how our brains work best, we get better results, faster, with less effort.  When we work against how our brains work best, we slow progress and create unnecessary problems.  The principle of Action is working in a way that is brain-friendly and identifying habits that are brain-antagonistic.


Harness your leadership power with the CRANIUM method

Novelty: Veering from convention

Creativity and innovation, the results of Novelty, are not a nice-to-have, they are a must-have in a highly competitive marketplace with rapid change and increasing demands.  Creating a culture where novelty thrives requires shifting long-held beliefs about how our brains produce creativity and innovation.  The principle of Novelty is mindfully using the brain’s capacity to think bigger, differently, deeper, and forward.


Harness your leadership power with the CRANIUM method

Interaction: Empowering through choice and voice

When people are told, they comply.  When people are involved, they commit.  Simply put: the brain pushes back when told what to do.  When we can meet people where they are and include them in co-creating solutions, we dramatically decrease resistance while exponentially increase accountability and ownership. The principle of Interaction is giving people a choice and a voice to gain commitment rather than merely compliance.


Harness your leadership power with the CRANIUM method

Using Emotion: Leveraging the power of the emotional brain

Business is easy until people get involved. Regardless of the industry or the title, we are all, first and foremost, in the relationship business.  The brain is more emotional than logical.  Emotions run the show.  When we understand and align with these truths, we become more effective in managing ourselves and in influencing others. The principle of Using Emotion is accepting that we aren’t thinking individuals who happen to have emotions.  We are emotional individuals who happen to think.


Harness your leadership power with the CRANIUM method

Multiple Intelligences: Embracing differences and sameness

An inclusive culture is a strategic business advantage. The reality is our brains are as unique as our fingerprints and always changing. When we create a sense of belonging, we increase loyalty and improve outcomes. The principle of Multiple Intelligences is welcoming and valuing all of our differences and all of our similarities so the whole is exponentially greater than the sum of the parts.


About Sherry Yellin

Dr. Sherry Yellin has over 20 years experience designing, creating, and delivering learning and coaching solutions to leaders in education, government agencies, and private industry.

I wholeheartedly believe when we lead, teach, and live the way the brain learns best, we get immediate and extraordinary results.


Equipping leaders to be extraordinary through brain-based, innovative learning solutions.

Unforgettable Leadership reveals practical ways to apply seven brain-based learning principles to achieve unforgettable results in leadership, learning, and living. Discover how to become your best self, live your best life, and leave your best legacy by learning how the brain learns best. The good news? It doesn’t have to be hard


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Working with Sherry is collaborative and energizing. Sherry really helps you bring your content to life in a stronger, more effective way. She helps draw-out what is truly possible.

Kelley JohnsonKelley Johnson Enterprises

After attending Sherry’s workshop at the North Texas ICF luncheon, I knew she was the perfect person to help me create industry leading courses for my product. This won’t be my last time working with Sherry, I can’t imagine creating a course without her expertise and guidance.

Jennifer Thornton304 Coaching

Dr. Yellin has created effective courses that have been sound and engaging.

Joel AllisonFormer CEO, Baylor Scott & White

I had the distinct pleasure of engaging Sherry Yellin to help me develop a plan for a class I would be teaching. I wanted the class to be both informative and interactive, appealing to the "adult" brain. The result was a class that has some of the highest evaluation scores in the entire program.

Bill BehrendtThe University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Yellin is masterful in her delivery on brain-based learning and leading. She is uniquely gifted to equip people for leadership!

Veronica CochranCEO International Association of Administrative Professionals

Sherry is blessed with an innate talent to identify areas that need improvement and provide just the right tools, insight and encouragement that I needed to gain a new perspective that helped me overcome leadership hurdles and prepare me for a better future.

Kristi AdamsDell Healthcare Services Marketing Director

Truly, life-changing. Dr. Yellin provides thoughtful tools that assist leaders in deepening positive interactions with their team while strengthening productivity through self-care.

Teresa TaberUT Arlington

My introduction to Sherry Yellin has proven to be a pivotal moment in my life and the start of unexpected change and transformation in my life. Sherry is my co-writer, editor, chief brainstorming consultant, life coach, business coach, and mentor. She brings her passion, motivating spirit and insight to every project and to every conversation.

Diane L. McDonaldEducational Wellness Consultant and Educator