CRANIUM Edge equips leaders through integrated training and coaching.  This seven module workshop is offered as a stand alone training or customized to support existing leadership programs.  CRANIUM Edge is a highly interactive, engaging, and application-based workshop that provides discerning leaders with both the “why” and the “how.”
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CRANIUM Edge Retreat
CRANIUM Edge Retreat is an off-site experience for people seeking extraordinary results.  CRANIUM Edge Retreat is highly interactive, introspective, engaging, and application-based.  Retreat participants leave with a solid action plan and follow-up group and one-on-one coaching with our ICF certified coaches.
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CRANIUM Edge Coaching
CRANIUM Edge coaching applies the CRANIUM principles to help individuals identify the goals they want to achieve and obstacles that stand in their way.  Our coaching process and tools equips people to own their choices, set a new path, and then blast the barriers to achieve extraordinary results.  Our coaches are ICF certified and have hundreds of hours successful coaching.
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CRANIUM Edge Keynote Speaking
Want your next event to be extraordinary?  Our content and delivery is high energy, motivating, engaging, fresh, and practical.  Our goal is transform thinking and behavior.  We will challenge your audience, equip them with practical ideas, get them interacting and engaged.  It will be an event to remember.
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CRANIUM Edge Custom Solutions
Need a program designed based on solid learning principles?  Want to flip an existing program?  We apply the CRANIUM principles to identify and to design the right solutions to ensure your learning needs are met with extraordinary results.
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