How do you define leader?
A leader is not defined by age or title.  Leaders are simply those people who want to improve themselves so that they can develop others.

What is CRANIUM?
CRANIUM stands for the 7 keys to how the brain learns best:

  • Challenge recognizing and minimizing threat
  • Relevance leading with vision and passion
  • Action – balancing work and life
  • Novelty – seeking innovation
  • Interaction – honoring input and ownership
  • Using emotions –  capitalizing on emotional intelligence
  • Multiple way of learning – valuing differences

What distinguishes CRANIUM Edge from other leadership development programs?
Three things!First, we are unique in that our clients learn the “why” behind the “how.”  Yes, our program is packed with hundreds of practical suggestions.  But, we want our clients to know how those suggestions align with the 7 keys of how the brain works best.

Secondly, we are unique because we integrate coaching with training.  The brain can only absorb so much during a formal training session.  By providing follow-up group and personal coaching, we dramatically improve retention and application of information.

Third, we design all of our coaching and learning solutions using the CRANIUM Edge methodology.  This ensures everything we create is interactive, innovative, engaging and practical, producing high-impact results.

Can your materials be customized?
Definitely. In fact, we work closely with our partners to ensure the content and delivery method is targeted to the organizational and individual need.

Are your coaches certified?
Yes. All of our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the premier coaching accrediting organization.  Some of our coaches hold additional accreditations as well.  Our coaches have served in leadership capacities and have hundreds of hours successfully coaching individuals, professionals, and executives.

Who are your clients?
We serve clients across sectors and from a variety of industries.  We work with such premier clients as:

The United States Office of Personnel Management
Baylor Scott & White Health
National Aeronautics and Space Administration HQ
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard
AAFES (The Exchange)
Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
Countrywide Financial Corporation
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
Verizon Wireless
Frito Lay
United States Coast Guard
Texas Association of Fire Educators
Lucent Technologies
Bright Ideas Training
Federal Bureau of Prisons
The City of Plano
The City of McKinney
Department of Office of Foreign Labor
Graham Marcus
Texas Instruments
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Association
Department of Labor
Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Marconi Communications
Beacon Training
The Learning Advocates
Lucas Christian Academy, University-Model School
TXU Energy
Southwest Financial
Early Childhood Development Director’s Network
Naval Special Warfare Command
U.S. Parole Commission
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Department of the Navy
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Railroad Administration
U.S. Inspector General
Department of the Air Force
Dryden Flight Research Center
Internal Revenue Service
Minerals Management Service
National Guard Units
National Cemetery Administration
United States Depart of Agriculture
United States Department of Justice
Bureau of Reclamation
Fruitful Harvest International Missions, Surigao City, Philippines