Let’s put it to a vote

August 27th, 2015

CRANIUM Point: Interaction not micromanagement
Honor team input. Leverage their experience. Gain loyalty through allowing a choice and a voice.

Last week we spoke about how useful surveys can be.  Holding elections can have the same effect of empowering others and giving them voice. While a survey can afford anonymity and potentially more honesty, gathering everyone for elections can lead to richer interactions, more creativity and even fun.

Hold an election to gain input on changes, decisions, challenges, and so forth. Make it fun by adding something novel to the ballot or offering an incentive for voting.  Serve food, wear costumes, decorate, there’s a ton of ways to make it interesting.

If you have to take on topics that are divisive, establishing ground rules and doing team-building exercises first help you get to a better outcome.  Make pro and con lists as a group first will create inclusion and maybe open a few minds.

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