Use water to make yourself smarter

July 27th, 2015

Holding water in cupped hands

CRANIUM Point: Challenge not threat
Create a safe environment where challenge is maximized and threat is minimized – intentionally.

The most common roadblock to a healthy brain environment is threat.  You can never remove all possibility of others around you from acting out or pointing anger at you.  Plan B is to keep your brain nimble and ready to respond in a positive, productive and, even, empathic way. IN other words, o combat threat, it is important that your brain stays alert.

One practical to way keep your brain ready is to stay hydrated. Did you know your brain is approximately 80% water? Avoid unhealthy drinks, and set a goal to drink eight, 8-ounces of water each day.  On hot days you may even need two or three times that.

Good old H2O helps us lose weight, keeps our skin smooth, lubricates our joints, and has even been associated with cardiovascular health.  Add cognition to that list.  Being dehydrated often leaves us feeling sluggish but a recent study seems to also point to improved reaction times, better memory and more. In the British study test takers improved there scores by drinking water.

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