The worst part of your week

July 3rd, 2015

doctor and frightened patient at clinic

You know that thing you dread: folding laundry, sending a report, the weekly team meeting.  It’s the most mundane, dreaded part of your day or week.  This is actually a fantastic opportunity to do something very healthy for your brain by adding some novelty to the situation.

Once you’ve identified it, whether it is a daily or weekly task try and find some ways to mix it up.  Shoot for quantity not quality at this point since changing the pattern more than how you do that makes the difference.  Try to come up with at least three to five ways you could make that time enjoyable, fun, and different:

  • play music
  • talk with a friend
  • take a new route
  • work backwards
  • set a timer
  • sing
  • dance

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