Take a tech vacation

July 2nd, 2015

Happy couple relaxing on deck chair at the beach

The ever-present technology in our lives can be very bad for the brain. The constant flow of email, text, social streams and cat videos prevents us from engaging on a more potent, meaningful level. It also elevates our cortisol and adrenaline levels in an unhealthy way. It starts a dopamine-addiction feedback loop, training our brain to be unfocused.

In today’s world most of us won’t be able to permanently ditch our phones and laptops. But we can take a vacation. For a full vacation, go at least one day without technology. For a mini-vacation, go a half-day or an hour without technology.

Notice how many times you have the urge to check on email, text or any other app. Also notice how much easier it is to accomplish non-tech related projects. It’s not the technology itself that hurts us. It’s the number of information streams we keep open at once. You can take a mini-tech holiday while drafting an important email just by turning off alerts on all of your devices. Use this new perspective to remember to take tech vacations all the time and unlock a new level of focus.

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