One small adjustment that will change everything

July 30th, 2015

CRANIUM Point: Action not overload
Purposefully balance work and life. Cheaper, better, and faster isn’t always best for the human brain.

A study was conducted several years ago to determine what could have prevented the increase of obesity among Americans. The results were shocking. The deadly growth of obesity would have been dramatically deterred if we had eaten only 100 calories less a day (about half the small fries at McDonalds) and walked 1000 steps more a day (about 10 minutes of walking). Minor changes. Major results.

There are other phenomenon that are equally applicable. People invariably overestimate how much money they can save in a year but drastically underestimate how much they could save in ten years. Changing your thermostat by a degree can save hundreds of dollars.

Think about some of the larger challenges you face in your life. It could be health, finances, relationships. Apply the wisdom of small changes and then stick to it.

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