Mix it up to get more out of your meeting

July 16th, 2015



CRANIUM Point: Novelty not boring routine
Do the unexpected. Seek and reward innovation. Celebrate veering from conventional methods.

Meetings are often the biggest waste of time.  Right?!?!  But meetings themselves are not the culprit.  It’s because everyone goes in expecting it to be unproductive.  After all, you know what so-and-so is going to say about the proposal because she says the same thing about every proposal.  You-know-who will be late and unprepared and blame it on something with his kids.

Novelty is the best recipe for a meeting of just about any kind: lunch dates, classes, dinner with the family.  The brain is more engaged when information and situations are unique and different. Before a meeting or a class, have attendees respond to a novel prompt. Here are some ideas in ascending order of novelty:

  • share their favorite ice cream flavor
  • stand if they had a good night’s sleep (incorporating action is a bonus)
  • high five if they are ready for the day (ditto)
  • show who can roll their tongue
  • do 5 minutes of glitter art on paper plates
  • have everyone make goofy faces
  • show their best dance move (everyone at once works best)

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