Make your project less complex

July 10th, 2015

Finding a Solution

CRANIUM Point: Relevance not meaningless work
Communicate how each job fits into a larger mission. Ensure the fit of each job to the team.

When it comes to multi-step tasks the trick isn’t adding stuff, it’s taking them away. We often end up doing repetitive or unnecessary steps because that’s the way we’ve always done it or because someone told us to do it that way and we never questioned it. Today let’s try and sharpen up the process for a complex item you have outstanding.

Find an item on your to-do list that requires several steps. Spend five minutes brain storming ways to improve that process and then try one out. Not only will you potentially save yourself time in the long-run, you can get a head start on it now. Here are some ideas that could help:

  • Document all parts of the project in one location either on paper, on a computer or in the cloud.
  • Think about the end goal and eliminate steps that don’t directly lead to it.
  • Can you delegate any of the steps?
  • Can some steps be done concurrently instead of sequentially?
  • Could training of some kind eliminate steps?

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