How to build trust with transparency

July 23rd, 2015

CRANIUM Point: Using emotions not ignoring emotions
Capitalize on emotional intelligence by putting to practical use the power of the emotional brain.


Integrity is another way of saying that your actions broadly align with your values.  It’s what you do while no one is looking.  When our actions, beliefs or thoughts are out of alignment with those values we usually have an indicator and it’s usually emotional.  It may be a bad feeling you have internally or a negative response from others.  Today take a minute to reflect on those things you may do that others might complain about and see if you find some truth.

We’re going to do this alone because it can be soooo much easier to be honest when ourselves when we are not faced with someone else’s disapproval.  Our own disapproval of ourselves is usually more than enough.

Transparency brings consistency and trust. It means being the same even when no one is looking. Reflect on what areas of your life may be inconsistent. Identify ways to build transparency and utilize resources to help you follow through and be accountable.  Tell someone who may be affected by your discovery in a positive way and let them know that you are working on it.  That will build some serious trust.

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