Create a positive environment with appreciation

July 9th, 2015

White frangipani flower

CRANIUM Point: Challenge not threat
Create a safe environment where challenge is maximized and threat is minimized – intentionally.

Often times in a positive environment it just feels good.  We tend to think about the people or in the environment itself as ‘nice’ and we leave it at that.  If we look closer, though, more often than not we discover the specific underlying cause of the ‘good feeling’ is knowing you’re appreciated there.

Show your heartfelt appreciation to someone. Include specifics about what you appreciate, when you have seen this demonstrated, and how you and others have personally benefitted.  The more details, the better.

Remember to put your heart into it.  Don’t just say thank you for x, y and z.  Really conjure the feeling of appreciation and let your non-verbals light up their mirror neurons.

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