The Magic Words

June 24th, 2015

Thank you

Saying “thank you” can change someone’s day from bad to good. We constantly have opportunities to thank others. It’s a change to put the spotlight on someone and let them feel appreciated. It’s often overlooked as a motivation tool but it’s a powerful one.

Saying thank you inspires loyalty, boosts productivity and is contagious. Not everyone who gets a “thank you” is graceful about it so make sure you are truly grateful and don’t expect anything in return. If you say thank you, don’t mean it and get the wrong reaction you’re likely not to handle it well and create a bigger problem. So here’s a foolproof plan.

Hand write your thank you notes. Put in a recurring reminder to write one thank you every Monday morning. Handwritten notes are almost usually perceived as sincere since there’s no tone in your voice to get confused. You’ll get to go about your day with the high of having done something nice and not having had to worry about the face-to-face reaction. Win-win!

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