Give a little back today

June 25th, 2015

Kids washing the dishes in the kitchen

So often it feels like we come back to Kindergarten lessons (keep your hands to yourself). I don’t know that it’s that our pace of life is so much faster. I doubt homesteaders on the prairie had shorter days than us. Perhaps it’s all of the electronic distractions (email, apps, texting, etc.) that keeps us from remembering to do the little things. Today, let’s get back to basics and just help someone important to us.

We’ve all heard that you’ve got to give in order to receive. Identify someone important to you. Ask this person to tell you three ways you can help him or her: empty the trash, change the printer cartridges, set up a room, wash the car, feed the dog, lead a meeting, copy materials.

We are all leaders whether we’re marshaling a sales force, leading by example or just herding children. One of the best ways to compliance and cooperation is to give back. They’ll feel seen and heard and loyal. Those little favors you do today aren’t just money in the future favor bank collecting interest for a rainy day. Acts of service are one of the main languages by which we let others know that they are cared for.

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