Don’t write about your feelings

June 26th, 2015

Keyboard with white Enter button, angry word on it

We’re talking about email and texting. Go ahead and journal to your heart’s content but for communication to others this is a no-no. First, it’s always good to have extra time to wrap our head around our emotions before interacting. We’ve all hammered out one of those messages in all caps and it universally doesn’t make any outcome better. Second, and more important, we lose access to our non-verbal cues: body language and vocal tone.

We’ve all heard some variation of ‘90% of communication is non-verbal.’ Whether or not the exact number is true non-verbals are highly important. Imagine your boss looks over and asks, “what are you doing?” Was the brow furrowed or was the tone chipper and upbeat? It makes all of the difference.

When tempted to express emotion, communicate voice-to-voice or face-to-face. Email and texting are for information and not emotion. Write this reminder and post somewhere visible such as on the computer monitor, your wallpaper, or a screensaver. If you’re embarrassed about putting this somewhere other people will see, such as your office, don’t use words. Make an angry face with a line through it or buy a “mean people suck” sticker. ¬†Whatever it takes.

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